Wednesday, September 5, 2012

पेड़ को बार बार पानी देने के झंझट से मुक्ति का उपाय

All you need to do is take an unglazed clay pot (matka) and place it underground, parallel to the roots of the plant or small trees. Fill it with water, cover it with the lid and cover the place. For about a week, you do not need to water the plant again. The pot will act as a natural drip irrigation vehicle. Please remember, you do not need to make holes in the matka. And if you wish to have a better result, then fill the pot with soiled water that is left out after washing of utensils. This method is already practiced in some parts of Gujarat. Friends, such small acts can one day sum up into a great deed, if we make them a part of our various resolutions.

I am also reminded of another heart touching incident that someone narrated to me in his letter. This took place in a village somewhere in Veraval region of Saurashtra. He wrote about a unique experiment by a teacher of the school for growing trees. Since that it is a water scarce area, it was impossible to get water for trees. The teacher therefore asked the students to bring soiled water left out after washing of utensils at home. Each student would carry a bottle of soiled water from home daily. The students were then asked to water the plants with the soiled water. As days passed, the students and school officials had a lush green garden before themselves! Thus a teacher’s small initiative created a green island in a dry and barren area, that too with waste water. In the process, he also taught the kids to make friends with Mother Nature. I was quite touched with this; hope you too will.
Please share such tips and experiments for conserving ecology, let’s all do our bit. 
( Narender Modi )

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